Mega OTT IPTV reseller panel (10 Credits)



MegaOTT IPTV service. Fantastic iptv server MegaOTT IPTV the best server for 2021 and up clear channels everything you need, More than 15 000 channels. Join our IPTV reselling program to make money off of our premium service. We have the most robust media management streaming solution, Xtream-Codes, managing our streaming server, ensuring that your clients will always be satisfied. If you are not a Reseller but would like to become one, we will provide you with a control panel through which you can easily add, manage, activate, and extend the IPTV subscriptions of your customers

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Your very own reseller panel: Add/Edit/Delete MAC Addresses as you please
Create new lines : Easily create new customers.
Extend lines with one click : You can renew your expired customers via panel.
24/7 Support: We provide 24/7 online support for urgent cases outside regular business hours.
Stats : Monitor your clients and check their stats from your panel.
Management : Delete, ban and write notes for each client.
No time limits: The credits have no time limits to be consumed. From your panel you can create trial accounts (up to 25 daily), subscription lines, generate various formats for all platforms, as enigma2, kodi, PC, smart TV, etc.

How does the Reseller Plan function?

The first step is to choose a plan with the appropriate number of credits.
It’s up to you to seek out potential buyers. Some advice is as follows:

It’s possible to make a website.
Post in discussion boards
Put up a marketing campaign using social media like Instagram and email
Customers may be found in your immediate area.
Customer service prices are entirely up to you to choose (Normally not lower than our suggestion).
As an instance, you may offer your consumers a $30 line for one month.

Access the reseller panel, add a new line, and then notify the client that they have a new subscription. You can even make your own resellers.


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